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Bill Nye
Bill Nye dino.jpg

bill nye invented time travel

Gender: slightly out of date pineapple
Sexuality: at least 2 feet
Hair color: dinosaur gender Black
Eye color: Brown
Age: mcdonal
Birthdate: Unknown
Species: Human
Height: guy fieri feet
Weight: at least 2 pounds
Home: House
Alive or Dead?: dead
Death: Baking Soda Explosion
AKA: lasagna enthusiast
Likes: lobster
Dislikes: aaahhhhh scary
Education: rat inside an egg mcmuffin
Occupation: dead
Religion: ass ham
Known For: dying from baking soda explosion
Powers: stuart little is 100 meters away and approaching rapidly
UnRank: Below infinity.
Promotion: moe

Cquote1.png Wetlands, there wet and they're land. Cquote2.png
Bill Nye on wetlands.

Bill Nye is a scientist. He uses his show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, as a tool for teaching children how to make bombs and teach little timmys to become terrorists.


ass ham

A young Bill Nye was a ass ham, with skills that rivaled those of Stu Pickles

Middle School

Bill Nye went to middle school and started doing experiments with the creatures of the underworld and summoned a demon from the depths of hell and had to fight him off with his magnum dong in order to save the universe from total collaptisation.

High School

Bill Nye went to High School and enjoyed chemistry. His teacher showed him how to do EVEN MORE experiments. This pleased Bill Nye. He then dropped out of High School because Harvard thought that he was smart enough to go there.

The Origins Of Bill Nye's Show

In the mid 1990's, Disney hit an all time low. They need an idea for a new TV show. So they had an idea to create an educational/fun show. They figured that nothing could be more fun/educational than a show about science. They went to Albert Einstein, and asked if he would like to do the show. He denied because he apparently died hundreds ago , so they went to the nearest science lab and chose the first guy they saw. It just so happened that it was Bill Nye. The Disney producer went up to him and said, "Congratulations, you now have a Disney TV show!" Bill released ass ham.

Bill Nye's Show

Him in the show

Disney began producing episodes of Bill Nye: The Science Guy as soon as he was ready. He began teaching children how to do experiments. In episode 3, Building Bombs for N00bs, he taught children how to build bombs and becoming a terrorist. After season 3, the best educational show of the 90's was cancelled so Disney could add the brain washing crap they have today. (Not the same shows, because Disney's new shows have an average life span of 2 months.)

Dill Nye

Bill is Dill Nye's uncle in the Dill Nye series.


Today he can be found in Yobtuggeb hhhs and the internet.

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