Bill Gates giving his speech of how it feels to be smart.

Bill Gates mugshot

Bill's mugshot taken after he stopped traffic for no reason.

Bill Gates (born in 1955, formerly known as Bill Einstein) is the founder and CEO of Microsoft. He is the son of famed scientist Albert Einstein and is currently one of the world's richest men.

Bill was born to Albert Einstein in a year Albert Einstein was alive. Nobody knew that Albert had a son named Bill. In fact, Albert had Bill's last name changed to Gates so it would be kept a secret. Also, Nobody knows why he did this.

Bill grew up on Earth, and raised in the ways of the humans, as he was one. There is only one tradition of humans he refused to follow: DINNER (which is why someone once gave him pie [à la Anita Bryant]). Bill,unlike his father, was very dumb.

Bill Gates created a company known as Microsoft (in fact, a lot of people did, but he took all of the credit). He now runs this company, and is the richest company ever (except for companies).

His wife then gave birth to Mark "Gates" Zuckerberg in 1984, and Bill raised him until Mark became a very rich guy and owned a huge company like his father.

But then one day he started to sell juice and he killed 2000 people with it. He joined a wierd guy to eat lotsa spagehtti.

After that guy went away forever, he moved to Oasis Springs. He tried to steal Bulk Bogan's ShamePiramid, but he did this as Garfield was on fire. Bill is partially responsible for Garfield's catatonic state as he distracted Bulk while he could’ve put Garfield out.

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