The Biggest Loser Award is an award given by Patrick Star. He gives it to people every year. It is used to mark idiots who can't do anything useful in life. It is a bad thing to earn, and if you do earn it, people will hate you for the rest of your life. You will probably also get killed, but Nobody would care about your death cause you're a loser. If you try and throw it away, the dump will ship it back to you saying "This can't be thrown away" and if you try and get rid of it in any other way, it will reappear next to you. That phenomenon is known as the "Boomerang Effect" and I just made it up. It was made in 2009 when Patrick decided losers needed something to be proud of despite it being a sign of loserness and not something to be proud of at all.

Freddy Fazbear earning the Biggest Loser Award.

Owners of the Biggest Loser Award

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