Don't stare at its eyes!!! I WARNED YOU!!

Bigfoot is a gorilla sort-of thing that lives in Washington (yes the state, not the president) and has been reported to be seen more than once. He is a member of The Eye Monkeys. It is said that he has the power to glare and paralyze someone, sort of like a genie. No one is quite sure of what it is and what other powers it can posses, but a brave, brave man named Steve Irwin, went out on a quest to find the legendary ape thing. This is how it all happened...

What Happened

Steve Irwin was a famous person that liked animals especially crocodiles (he hates alligators) and was intrigued by the story of Bigfoot. One day, he left and told his friends bye as he started his adventure to find him. Steve went out to sea to find Bigfoot on his boat. The guy thought Bigfoot lived in the ocean but he was SOOO wrong. How wrong? SOOOO wrong! He continued swimming when a stingray jabbed him in the chest, killing him. Nobody knew what happened to Steve but when they found his body later, they assumed Bigfoot had killed him. Meanwhile, in Oregon, two hikers named Bobby Joe and Joe Bobby were hiking and and they noticed a strange biped bear. They followed it and followed it and followed it when they came to this mountain/hill thing where they encountered Bigfoot. The 2 hikers took a picture and recorded a video of Bigfoot but they got paralyzed when Bigfoot turned around and glared at them. Redneck Joe and Red Joe found them in the forest a day later. This proved that Bigfoot DOES exist. Luckily, they were revived using zebra urine which helps cure paralysis from Bigfoot's glare.


Like I said before, finding Steve dead, and the 2 paralyzed hikers were enough evidence to prove Bigfoot exists. Everyday, more and more people report seeing it and stealing their DINNER and even worse, their spaghetti! The government has agreed to find him so he will no longer steal people's spaghetti.thumb|right|300px| Bigfoot does a moon walk!!!


It is said Bigfoot has relatives from around the world including:

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