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Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land is a floating city ruled by Hungry Kim Jong-un. He wanted to rule somewhere, but papa wouldn't let him, so he broke a piece of China off and turned it into a flying city, which he called Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land for no reason. It is full of buildings, monuments, entertainments, and residents, all dedicated to Jong-un.

Porky Minch, The Teletubbies, and Saruman the White have sued Jong-un for plagiarizing their empires.

It is located at the top of the Korean Peninsula, China claims to own the land, but it is still ruled by Hungry Kim Jong-un.

The location of Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land


  • Hungry Kim Jong-un (Ruler)
  • Big Super Happy Fun Time Monkey Pals
  • Big Mighty Happy Fun Time Monkey Hulk
  • The rest of Jong-un's creations
  • Former residents of china


  • Big Mighty Happy Time Fun Fun Tower
  • Mega Cheery Happy Time Fun Park
  • Big Happy Great Joy Time TV Station
  • Wacky Mighty Cheery Time Food Museum
  • Big Grand Mighty Joy Joy Parking Lot