Big Rigs - Over the Road Racing Coverart

Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing is a very weird racing Shame, regarded by many as, "The worst shame ever made!", but many believe that E.T. is worse. It was made by Homer Simpson for revenge against a few Toads for stealing Bart Simpson and selling him to the Teletubbies so that he could be killed. It was so bad it was banned! Big Rigs is a LOSER! This is only legal in Trumpland.


The Shameplay is simple: drive through grey voids and mountains, buildings, bridges, trees, into water, and more to get a piece of crap "trophy" that only says, "You're Winner !" (The grammar error is on purpose, because I want this to be accurate!) Nightride is broken beyond repair, Ultranav is just stupid, the trucks look like piss, and the horrible textures cause one part of a level to look more beautiful than the rest of the level! Why was this even published?

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