Imaged evil mac

Satan head costs extra

A Big Mac is the largest hamburger in the entire world. It is served at every McDonald's in the world (except those at Pac-Land, despite that being a nation known for its appetite). Big Macs are approximately three hundred pounds, and there is an 84% chance you will DIE if you eat it (91% with cheese). The Big Mac is sacred under McDonald's law and protected by the McArmy.

The Big Mac was invented in some McDonald's in the United States of UnAmerica because they were jealous of all the other fast food restaurants stealing the customers. Giygas, Ronald McDonald and Ronald McGiygas all came personally just to oversee the creation of this monstrous meal.

After three weeks, as well as five thousand pounds of meat, four thousand of cheese, ten thousand pounds of pickles, tomatoes, ketchup, Death Juice, onions, etc., they finally finished the Big Mac. It went out into McDonald's restaurants across he world within days.

Since its release, the Big Mac has caused over ten thousand deaths, making it the worst food product to ever be released in the history of the UnUniverse. Only the Undefeatables can eat a Big Mac without suffering the side-affects.

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