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Big Chris thinking about donuts.

Big Chris

Big Chris before eating Homer's donuts.

Cquote1 DADADADA DONUTS! Cquote2
Mordecai and RigbyBig Chris
Cquote1 Where my donut? Come to daddy. Cquote2
Big Chris

Big Chris is a fat British mechanic who eats too many donuts. He works at a corrupt F1 track called Silver Hatch where he is bossed by another fat rude, itallian conman of a carburettor. He has to fix freaky talking racing cars that tell him to go on a diet. The Heavy Weapons Guy tells him to eat more sandwiches since Big Chris wants to put sandwiches and donuts in the same lunchbox but had no space and put donuts in there instead. People rumor that he is a clone of Bob the Builder due to the similarity of the clay model and him fixing things, but Bob keeps to a healthy diet while his wife owns a burger chain. Once, Big Chris ate a salad after running after Thumper on a skateboard who has stolen his donut but an idiot tripped Thumper over causing him to drop the donut. A woman called Marsha put a bowl of salad at the finish line and forced him to eat it. He liked it but suddenly he started eating donuts again.

He was later killed by Homer Simpson for eating all of his donuts.

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