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Obama on Big Bird
Big Bird
Big Bird

He looks fatter in person.

Gender: Male
Eye color: Hateful
Species: Gee, I don't know! a bird?
Home: Sesame Street
Death: Thanksgiving
AKA: Fat Bird
Likes: Killing
Dislikes: Turning Green
Education: Bird-Brain
Occupation: Mobster
Known For: Being Fat
UnRank: 234

Big Bird is a very very very large yellow bird that can talk and think for itself (sort of). He is the most legendary bird in existence (not that that's saying much).

Big Bird was born in Sesame Street in ????. He was raised by creepy bird people, and he eventually made friends with all of the Sesame Street people. He is rather stupid, but that does not get in his way.

When Elmo turned evil, Big Bird was one of Elmo's first mob members. Literally three seconds after Elmo recruits him, Big Bird turns a gun on Elmo. Elmo shot him, and Big Bird ran off.

He later died when the pilgrims got hungry. In 1876, Big bird came back to life, specifically get revenge on Elmo. But 3 seconds after he came back to life, more pilgrims found him and ate him. Then the pilgrims got hit by a train. Then, 3 years later, he came back to life AGAIN, and found his true naturall enemy: Pilgrims. He has been planning to get revenge on them ever since. Big bird is immortal.

He is 1,493 years old.

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