Bienvenue au restaurant is the 2nd episode of the season 6 of Teletubbies (2015 TV series), and the 178th episode overall.

Bienvenue au restaurant

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Alt 2.0 as a mouseketeer invites all the Teletubbies (also as mouseketeers) to give them jobs in a french restaurant (named "La soupe tué"): Dipsy as the server, Tinky Winky as the cashier, Po as the cooker, and Laa-Laa as the maid. Laa-Laa started to clean a table, while Po make some (carrot) soup. When Po try to slurp a VERY litte dose of carrot soup, Po spit the dose and thinks the soup is disgusting. So Po decided to pur some meat, Later after slurping the VERY litte dose of soup; Po thinks about he is driving in a cute car (like his good twin). Laa-Laa clean up all "La soupe tué", and Tinky Winky already have 9,852 customers. While Tinky Winky become rich, Dipsy serve some carrot/meat soup to all the 9,852 customers. After all the customers slurp it, they all spit it and leave the restaurant and rob all of Tinky Winky's money. After that, Alt 2.0 do the middle finger to all the Teletubbies and fire them for good. The episode ends with Alt 2.0 destroying the restaurant.


Parents dislike it because of Alt 2.0's middle finger and of the restaurant's name "La soupe tué". Children like it for the same reason.


  • The title (Bienvenue au restaurant) means "Welcome to the restaurant", and the restaurant's name (La soupe tué) means "The killed soup".
  • This happened in 1845.
  • This is the 4th episode with a french title after the Deja Vu episodes.
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