Bessie Bird or just Bessie is a big pinky red bird that lives in Fimble Valley.She is Roly Mo's wife.She is very smart just like Roly.

Bessie Thinking about something.


One day in Sesame Street, Big Bird Laid an egg. Bessie came out of the egg and escaped. On the way, She ran into Murfee,who was there before Joey the Dog shot him. Murfee locked her in the basement along with other animals. She discovered a window on the roof where she flew up. She was free. She kept flying until she went to Fimble Valley where she met the Fimbles, Fimbo,Florrie and Baby Pom.She then decided to stay there and live there. Now, Bessie currently lives in Fimble Valley.

Life in the valley

Bessie lives in a nest at the Bubble fall. Whenever the Fimbles find something, Bessie tells them about it in the big wide world and sometimes in Hell.She recently had an egg which Ribble came out of. She also likes to see the Fimbles playing, and sometimes play with them herself.Mostly Baby Pom or Florrie, because Fimbo is talking to Rockit instead.

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