Evil Bert

Bert is Ernie's best friend but sometimes Bert can think Ernie can be annoying at times. He likes bottlecaps and pigeons. He moved to Sesame Street along with Ernie, and ended up meeting Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Grover in 1969. He wants to be like Weegee because they both have eyebrows. He also appears in the Grand Theft Sesame Street along with Ernie since they are teamed up together.

Bert's death may be caused by Ernie. Then Bert revived and wanted to see Ernie again. One time Ernie ran away from Bert which Bert was happy that he is away but then Ernie came back and Bert was still happy about it. When Elmo turned evil and wanted to take over Sesame Street, Bert was already killed by Ernie. Bert could be angry easily but that does not affect Ernie that much.

Ernie tried to get Bert to watch Barney but Bert refused. Bert thought Barney killed Laa-Laa with a meat clover because he also thought she was stupid along with the other Teletubbies. He also likes quiet noises, but not loud noises because one time Elmo came and scared the pigeons away which made Bert angry One time he and Ernie decided to do bad stuff like killing. He is currently 1000 years old right now.

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