Ben shapiro death rune posing

Ben Shapiro death rune posing

Ben shapiro ascended

Ben Shapiro in his ascended forme.

Cquote1 Okay, this is epic Cquote2
—'Ben Shapiro, being a boss'''Ben Shapiro is a genius who brilliantly destroys liberals and those who are mean to State of Israel with facts and logic, which don't care about their feelings. For example, he is already Tracer. Also, he is a genius geopolitical strategist. For example, he understands the wisdom of disproportionate response to attacks on US assets and how Bolton was correct all along. His wife is a doctor.

He is a gamer and inspired the gamers to rise up because the society they were presently in had no place for them. They spoke with one voice, "ALL HAIL BENJAMIN, THE ONLY TRUE GOD." And then Ben said "Ok, this is epic" and ascended, disappearing into the wall behind him.

He is an UnAmerican who takes an unusual interest in the politics of Westeros and of the Middle East. Plus, his wife, who is a doctor, is a doctor.


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