Beastboy in human form.

Beastboy ​​​ is a weakling and member of the Teen Titans. He has no power except for the ability to turn into animals. You're probably thinking he turns into stuff like dinosaurs and lions, but he actually turns into peaceful animals like bunnies and chickens. He is the idiot of the group, meaning his job is to say stupid stuff.

HE ATE HIS PINGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One day, Cyborg was using the potty like a big boy. That's when he saw a green fish flopping around inside of it. Deciding the fish was probably radioactive, he fished it out of the toilet so he could eat it. Robin told Cyborg not to eat it, and then Beastboy turned back into his human form. The team was really small so he got to be a doormat and every titan stepped on him 24/7. That's honestly it. He has no good power, he never helps the team he's just junk. Elmo beat him up, FREAKING ELMO BEAT HIM UP!

Later, he was officially put down the toilet and flushed. He now lives underwater as a Pickle, but he's still a member for some reason.

What he really looks like.


Like I said he can turn into animals, mostly weak versions of Teletubbies and rejected Muppets. He can also turn into cute and cuddly animals that can't hurt anyone. He can spit Bombs out of his mouth, but they don't help. They just make a mess.

He can use guns but they seem to always explode. Okay, he's generic and useless, point taken.


Everyone hated him, seriously 100% even the Teen Titans hated him. Jack Thompson said he was worse than video games. Mr. Krabs said it makes him look cheap. It made Bob Ross frown. Okay, what more can I say? He sucks!

There was one guy that kind of liked Beastboy, pointing out Beastboy is still a valuable member of the team and has easily pulled his own weight. This man was promptly killed by the mindless zombified Beastboy haters.

Of course now everybody loves him,due to the fact that he ATE HIS OWN PINGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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