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Badoen i0cn by beadon-d52zvyw


Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Toonish
Species: Unknown
Home: Beadome
Death: by Gemini
AKA: Very Past Mickey Mouse
Likes: Mickey Mouse, Dolan, etc.
Dislikes: Weegee, Gemini and other creatures
Education: None
Occupation: None
Known For: None
UnRank: 0

Beadon, when unhelping someone.

Beadon is a form of Mickey Mouse, he is a floating head from the introduction of every Mickey Mouse cartoon. He appeared in Medieval age 1292, he appeared with explosion particles, and in Industrial age 1815, he invades UnWorld by shooting his laser eyes, and he's hard to be defeated. Later in modern age 1984, he was eaten alive by Gemini. In the space ages he re-appeared in war, which he duels with Catz and steals Gurdy's powers, after the duel, Beadon wins, but he got eaten alive again by Peep, and in World War III, Beadon re-appears yet again in the battle, and summons airplanes to defeat Gemini and all the minions of the war, later he was died on the apocalypse.


  • Beadon's full body shows only Mickey Mouse's head.
  • This guy has a deviantART account named beadonplz or beadon.

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