He has bat nipples. REALLY?!

Batman & Robin (also known as No Individual In His Right Mind Would Ever Dare Watch Such an Atrocious Piece of Garbage) is probably the biggest load of crap that has ever been delivered to us in movie form (and yes, we've seen the Star Wars prequels). The movie stars Batman along with his sidekick Robin and the adventures they go on.


The movie starts with Mr. Freeze (not to be confused with the infinitely better Mr. Cold) chilling, when suddenly the police tell him to freeze. He ices them, but then Batman and Robin arrive. He tries to kick some ice, but then Batman just shoots himself from the pure bad-ness of the ice puns. Unfortunately, he survives and must continue fighting Mr. Freeze. Meanwhile, Robin is whining like the little bitch he is.

Thanks to Robin, Mr. Freeze gets away. As if this wasn't enough, a new villain decides to attack. Calling herself "Poison Ivy", she attacks Batman and Robin not because she had any motivation, but because that's just what villains do now. Batman attempts to defeat her with the Bat Credit Card, but fails miserably.

Another hour of painfully bad puns later, Batman and Robin have Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane (don't even ask how he got here, you will die from the sheer dumbness of it) cornered and ready to defeat. That's when Batgirl (again, don't ask) murders Poison Ivy, Robin murders Bane, and Mr. Freeze turns good. Oh, and then Batman murders Mr. Freeze.

The movie ends with Alfred (the only character with potential) finally getting out of bed, and the trio of bat-heroes agreeing to be a team; almost as if they thought they were going to make a sequel with this crap.


  • This was voted as the Worst Movie of All Time Ever by Everybody.
  • This is Nostalgia Critic's favorite movie.
  • This was the first major appearance of the Bat Credit Card, a major weapon that was never used again because it was that stupid.
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