Tinky winky

The Bat-Tubby is a mysterious Teletubby who is based on the notorious Batman, and is not related anyway to Fatman at all. We do not know his true identity. Some may say that he's Tinky Winky, but we've seen him with the Bat-Tubby.

He is a notorious part of the Teletubby Army, being one of the many troopers the Teletubbies sent out on chaotic attacks. He uses many weapons of mass destruction, like the:

  • Tubbyrang
  • Tubby Darts
  • Tubby Flamethrower
  • Tubby Grappling Hook
  • Tubby Grenade
  • Tubby Landmine
  • Tubbyclaw
  • Tubby Power Glove
  • Tubby Machine Gun
  • Tubby Katana
  • Tubby Gatling Gun
  • Custard Catapult
  • Custard Carrier
  • EMP Grenade

Random Facts about the Bat-Tubby

  • The Bat-Tubby's favorite food is bats that are sprayed with Tubby Custard. Ironic, isn't it?
  • The reason why Po's silhouette is on the Bat-Tubby is because Po forced him to sew it on his suit. She didn't see the Bat-Tubby out of the suit, though.
  • The Bat-Tubby has no antenna, unlike most Teletubbies.
  • The Bat-Tubby is mostly silent, but is notable for saying "I'm Bat-Tubby," when he rarely speaks.
  • Tinky Winky is a huge fan of the Bat-Tubby.
  • The Bat-Tubby's teeth are not teeth. In fact, they are Bionic TubbyTeeth, metallic teeth that can inject Tubby Custard when they bite into objects.
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