Cquote1 Armies are not just for offensives. Cquote2
Bashar Al-Assad before trying to f*** everybody up
Bashar Al-Assad
Bashar Al-Assad


Gender: Male
Hair color: (Very) Dark Brown
Eye color: Green
Species: Human Dictator
Home: Damascus, Syria
Death: Still alive
AKA: Syria Lord, King Syria, D*** King
Likes: Conquering the USA, The East, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan
Dislikes: USA itself, The West, South Korea, Israel, India, Japan
Occupation: Syrian Dictator.
Known For: Bombing everywhere. The son of the Arab god, Hafez Al-Assad.
UnRank: -999,999,999,999

Bashar Al-Assad is the hostile dictator of Syria. He is considered to be Barack Obama's worst nightmare next to Kim Jong-un.

He is the son of the god who that created Syria (Plus the rest of the Arab World) in the first place (Hafez Al-Assad), but then Bowser claimed Syria and the rest of the Arab World countries as territories of his empire. Because he is the son of Hafez Al-Assad, he is considered a demi-god.

Though then, Bashar Al-Assad fought back and took only Syria from the Bowser Empire.

He influenced Bruticus Maximus to get into terrorism. Bashar Al-Assad is also the dictator and real-life counterpart of Painis Cupcake, but while being a cannibal like him, he is literally lewd unlike Painis Cupcake.

After he ripped his victim in half, he ate their left over parts, which makes him a real cannibal.

He loved it when Pakistan went to war with India, and he loved it when Afghanistan went and bombed Japan.

He ordered his troops to r*** their enemies, even such like Mario, Sonic, SpongeBob SquarePants, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and even Optimus Prime. This makes him lewd.

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