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Basement Cat is the all time evilist, powerful, and absolutely insane cat in the UnUniverse, and currently "belongs" to Bob Saget.

Basement Cat in his own domain.

He came from the same litter as Ceiling Cat, but was separated from him at an early age. He was cast into Hell for no particular reason other than his dark and frightening personality.


Basement Cat's exact origin is unknown, but he was born in the same litter of kittens as Ceiling Cat was. Presumably, he was created by Chuck Norris to keep him company, but was soon cast away because Chuck Norris is far too manly to keep cats in his home.

From left to right: Purgatory Cat, Ceiling Cat, Angel Cat, and Basement Cat.

This has been confirmed by an image created by Maxwell, who was alive even before Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat were.

Growing Up

Ceiling Cat grew up in a litter of three other kittens: Purgatory Cat, Angel Cat, and Basement Cat. Since they were orphans their entire lives, they were placed in the care of Chuck Norris. However, since Chuck Norris is far too manly to take care of kittens, he scattered them all across the world. Ceiling Cat was taken to Heaven along with Angel Cat, Basement Cat wound up in Hell (where he was adopted by Bob Saget), and Purgatory Cat could not decide where he wanted to go and became stuck in between the two. The four cats eventually took charge of the areas they lived in, gaining new jobs and responsibilities. Ceiling Cat created all living things, Angel Cat took the souls of the dead into Heaven, Basement Cat devoured the souls of the bad people, and Purgatory Cat did absolutely nothing.

Becoming Evil

All his life, Basement Cat was a tad darker and more heavy-hearted than his kitten brethren. This darkness increased within his soul when he was cast into Hell and adopted by Bob Saget. There, Basement Cat learned the true art of being evil, as Bob Saget was the best example of evil one can ever hope to find. Finally, Basement Cat was ready to do wrong. First off, he stole Ceiling Cat's cookie, which made Ceiling Cat angry beyond comparison. The two of them never spoke to each other again. Then, Basement Cat created Dora the Explorer, which poisoned the minds of children everywhere. Finally, Basement Cat killed and ate Mickey Mouse, breaking the hearts of children everywhere. Since then, Basement Cat has lived in Hell, festering in his own evil.


  1. Ceiling Cat takes care of the good souls, and Basement Cat takes care of the bad souls.
  2. If anyone dares speak his real name, he will appear and scratch whoever said it.
Stand: ホールド・ミー (HOLD ME)
User: ベースメント・キャット (BASEMENT CAT)
Power: SSS Speed: A Range: A
Durability: S Precision: A Potential: S

Complete and utter mindf*ck.