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Full name: Barry B. Benson
Gender: Male
Hair color: Bee
Eye color: Bee
Species: Bee (was it not made clear enough?)
Home: Bee Kingdom
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Likes: Jazz, honey
Dislikes: Stealing, tennis balls
Education: Bee-ducation, heh heh... kill me
Occupation: Ruler of the Bee Kingdom
Religion: The Laws of Aviation
Known For: Suing the human race
UnRank: 1,500,000
Cquote1.png Ya like jazz? Cquote2.png
Barry's most famous quote.
Cquote1.png This is stealing! Cquote2.png
—'Barry's reaction to what humans do with honey.'''Barry B. Benson is a bee that rules the airborne Bee Kingdom. He's known for suing the human race after finding out what they do with honey.

Origins and Life

Barry's early life was like that of any other bee, so we'll skip that. The real interesting stuff began when Barry flew outside his hive in Central Park for the first time. It was a truly amazing experience for him, until he got stuck on a tennis ball. Later on, he met a woman named Vanessa, doing so by asking her if she liked jazz.

Later, while traveling in a store, Barry saw some honey on the shelves, and grew suspicious. He later realized that humans were mooching off the honey bees created. With Vanessa's help, he successfully sued the human race, even winning against Phoenix Wright, taking back all the honey and allowing bees to retire. He then gathered all the bees and unofficially founding the Bee Empire.

However, all the plant life starting to die off. Realizing his mistake, Barry used his "power" to tell the bees to pollinate everything while a bunch of live flowers was being sent from the Ducky Empire by plane. However, the pilots were assassinated by the Duolingo bird, so Barry commanded about several hundred millions bees to carry the plane to safety. Now, this might sound ridiculous, but this is UnAnything, so they were easily able to do this. The world's life then recovered, and Barry's rule and the Bee Kingdom were cemented into existence.

As of now, Barry B. Benson still rules the Bee Kingdom, making his original home the HQ, and marrying Vanessa. This probably makes Vanessa a furry, but what do we care? Due to his outstanding achievements as of 2007, Barry and Vanessa were granted immortality (originally only Barry, but they wanted him to bee happy). And so, Barry and his furry wife continue to live a happy life.



The trailer for Barry's epic movie.


  • The story of Barry B. Benson was chronicled in an epic tale known as the Bee Movie.
  • Barry has made an alliance with the Giant Isopods, since they're both bugs and they both love yellowish food.
  • Barry is a firm believer of the Laws of Aviation. This states that "according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible."
  • He seems to be best friends with Shrek and Cory Baxter.
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