The infamous Barbapapa is a terrifying evil monster which can transform into everything. Barbapapa is originally supporting Milk Fed., but now he supports nazis in 1997.


Barbapapa has a nazi (Photo taken from 1998)

Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Black (1940-1997) Red (1997-present)
Age: 78
Birthdate: October, 31th
Species: Morphable monster
Home: Barbahome


Stupid kids named François and Claudine (respectively) have planted an orange seed inside grass, and they then discovered Barbapapa DNA inside the tree the birds live. François and Claudine didn't know what is it at this time, so they put the Barbapapa DNA in the grass with the orange seeds. 1 year later, the Barbapapa DNA eats the orange seeds, causing him to grow. Barbapapa DNA then finds some orange juice. He grows, and then gets out of the grass. Barbapapa, the stupid but terryfing monster was born and kills François but Claudine kills Barbapapa with a fork. Barbapapa then revives with a Barbapapa Recovery Center, so he can kill more childs. 2 years later, 8 barbaeggs got out of Barbapapa's butt, and then the barbaeggs hatch to form 8 Barbapapa DNAs. Barbapapa put the DNAs in the grass, forming Barbamama, Barbabright, Barbabravo, Barbabeau, Barbazoo, etc.

Barbapapa today

Barbapapa is now a nazi, and now kills everything (humans, animals or even the dancing hot dog). He also got 5 shames, rated M : "Super Barbapapa Bros.", "Barbastory", "Barbapaint", "This is Bob : Barbapapas everywhere" and "The Barbapapa Movie Game".

In the future

In the future, Barbapapa will like Satan, he will be very stupid by nature and rarely, if ever, loses his temper. He will be very evil and will alyways trick and kill humans, animals and other Barbapapas. He will be also very pervert and uses his imagination and shape-shifting ability to kill others as well as solve problems in the stupidiest of manners.


Barbapapa's face in the future.


Barbapapa as a knife

Barbapapa's most useful transformation, the knife. (Photo from 1995)

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