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Obama, following his Election, but prior to the Old War.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama (also known as Obama) is a respawnable African guy and President of UnAmerica. Upon becoming president, he gave himself a Promotion so as to safeguard his position against George W. Bush. He is presently leading his nation in the ongoing hostilities between UnAmerica and the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire in a conflict know only as the Old War. He was elected to a second term in 2012, angering 56 million Americans. He appears as the player character in Super Obama World. MSNBC loves him just because they hate Republicans.

He was eventually ousted as President by Donald Trump, prompting [DATA EXPUNGED]. As such, he mysteriously vanished in early April in 2018. No one actually knows what happened to him, but most believe it is linked to the Crab Rave and/or Obamium.


Early Life

Nobody knows about this guy's early life 'cause he's a mystery. Nobody sure knows a lot of stuff...



After George W. Bush was seen in Duckopolis, having talks with the evil handpuppet Ducky, the people of UnAmerica kicked him out of office and put Obama in charge instead.

After spending a lot of money on dishes from the Squadala Empire and West Hyrule, Obama vowed to ensure that Ducky is defeated and the (semi) powerful and (very) dangerous Ducky Empire will be destroyed.

" Ducky may threaten us with Snowtomic bombs, but we will not be intimidated. "
  —Speech given prior to the New Spanish War.

Obama's true form shows him with an Edgar Schneider medallion

The Old War

While Obama was saying this, Dr. Robotnik invited him to a party in Soviet Russia. However, Obama was too busy giving speeches to attend which prompted Robotnik to declare war on UnAmerica. Obama felt less manly, so he declared war on the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire.

The war was really a series of smaller wars where each of the three nations just happened to be involved, such as the New Spanish War which involved UnAmerica trying to take Spain so they could invade the Ducky Empire or the Canadian Invasion, which dragged Robotnikclause into the conflict.

The Old War is still going, though several of the smaller conflicts have ended. Though Nobody cares and everybody goes on with their normal lives.

He also has a rivalry with Mars, who kills him every few weeks. He respawns, simply because he's president.