BUtts and BOlts

Banjo With a Kazooie: Butts and Bolts is a a Shame in the Banjo With a Kazooie series. It was made by Gruntilda, you can figure this out 'cause there are a lot of rhymes in it and it says "Grunty Studios" on the back. And if it's made by Gruntilda, then it means that it was an attempt to make them stupid. It consists of Banjo and Kazooie trying to make drive-able butts. When they do make a working one, however, the Hag 1 comes by and blows it up. If you end up escaping the Hag 1, you get to go around seeing if it works in various things like flying and swimming. Then you DIE. It doesn't have any story at all though it is obviously a rip-off of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. This one is better though.

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