The evil Box art that can kill you if you touch there eyes.

Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts and Bolts is possibly the very most incredibly stupidly beyond S.P.E.C.I.A.L shame ever made. It is a disgrace to the series and is the only bad one in it (which is impressive for a video shame series). Some think it was made by Grunty Studios since it is a game that makes them look stupid. But it was actually made by Microsoft after they forced some slaves to make it after buying them. It consists of Banjo and Kazooie having their lives ripped to shreds by the evil Lord of Shames as he tells them all the things he has ever done in a typical villain monologue. It also stars a fat version of Banjo, which makes him look very stupid. Then Gruntilda comes Back From the Dead AGAIN but is only a stupid head. Then you do a very slow race and them the abomination, Lord of Shames, appears and says cars will make stuff better. Then Banjo gets a car and runs over Gruntilda. Kazooie was left behind never to be seen until the 25th mission. This shame also has the feature of building useless planes, cars, and boats while trying (and FAILing) to make use of them. Then you go and do some stuff with useless stuff. Also, you keep on DIEing. Then suddenly, Gruntilda gets an armor of stuff and then you face her. After that, the shame shuts down and your Xbox 360 gets Xbox Criminal Syndrome. Nobody likes this shame cause it couldn't be saved, it was impossible to beat, and because it made Banjo and Kazooie look so bad that people started crying.

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