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A Bandit about to kidnap a child.

Bandits are malevolent species from the Mushroom Kingdom, and they really enjoy stealing. Their favorite thing to steal are babies. They are also the #1 enemy of Yoshi.


A Bandit stealing $50 UnDollars.

Bandits look like their cannon fodder counterpart, the shy guy. These guys are some of the happiest beings. They also come in a variety of cute colors.




Bandits tend to steal stuff. Sometimes they kidnap children. They do this to turn the kidnapped child into a Bandit. What a Bandit looks like under their mask is unknown, but it is rumored to be the same face as a Shy Guy. They sometimes chill, or ASSERT THEIR DOMINANCE. Bandits live in packs, and hide behind stuff, which is really sneaky. Bandits may also drive Creepy White Vans, so watch out. Some Bandits also like playing baseball, wear helmets with spikes, and even be Kong Fu Masters so mean and tough.

Child-To-Bandit Transformation Process

One of our spies saw the process.

> The child is kidnapped from Yoshi, and makes a loud obnoxious crying noise!!!!!

> The child has their body become that of the true body of a Bandit

> The child chooses what color Bandit Robe they want, and it is put on them.

> The child has the gloves put on them, then the shoes.

> The child has a Bandit Mask put on them

> The child has their memory erased, and they have a Bandit personality put into them.


If the child's memory isn't erased, they will be homesick, miss their parents, and use their Final Smash, Cry. If the child doesn't have their body become a Bandit Body, the robe and mask won't fit. Also, a Missing Person report is sent out, but the child, now a Bandit, doesn't know who that child is, because their memory was erased.


> An adult can become a Bandit if they so choose with the use of a Bandit Machine. It does a similar process that is used to convert a child into a bandit. A missing person report is also sent out.

> Bandits are known to hijack Koopa Clowns.