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Banana Joe
Banana Joe
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"Doo doo do do dooo"

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Googly type Eyes. Mostly Black, but can turn red.
Species: Banana
Likes: Destroying People by being a jerk
Dislikes: Niceness and Women
Education: None
Known For: For being a talking banana

Banana Joe is one of the largest jerks in the UnUniverse. He is also known as Joseph A. Banana. He is mostly known for being the first talking Banana in existence. He has attempted to kill Darwin Watterson but failed. Luckily, no one has known this (except this person now reading this) and has not been punished. 

Banana Joe has hated Gumball Watterson, Darwin Watterson, and Richard Watterson. He is thought to be evil due to being a jerk too much. Banana Joe was almost killed in a car accident in 1908 where he was cursed the day before the crash. Banana Joe is still cursed to this day, but the effects have lowered tremendously. In order to become smart, Banana Joe used a special mixture made of kitchen ingredients to become smarter than his rivals. He has been the UnWorld's best Grand Theft Sesame Street player only once. He has met with Peppa Pig, Pink Guy, and Thanos, who are all somehow Pink or Purple, one of Banana Joe's most hated colors, due to the fact that both are related to girls.

Banana Joe is also one of the most sexist people too. He hates girls so much that he burned down a girl's club house. He also kills women who try to run for president in some countries. The ruler of the Hillary States of UnAmerica, Hillary Clinton, has been one of Banana Joe's next targets.

Banana Joe can't be sad because he has googly eyes. He also can't show many expressions unlike other creatures. Sometimes, many people mistake Banana Joe being sad when he is happy, which makes him angry. Because of this, Banana Joe made a tool which would say "I am happy" or "I am sad".

Banana Joe has lots of friends, although he has lost contact with a few of them. Nyan Cat has been an example, as they have been friends for only 3 days. Sadly, Banana Joe is not known well (except being a talking banana) around the UnUniverse. He has always wanted to get fame but sadly that never happened. This helped make Banana Joe sadistic, furious, and evil. He thought if he could be bad, then he could be known universe-wide. He has destroyed many planets and has caused devastation in parts of the unknown UnUniverse. He is still not known universe-wide.


  • Banana Joe can be seen in the Bagel Movie
  • Banana Joe has touched the spaghet
  • Banana Joe is very good at humming and whistling.
  • His current location is unknown but it's suggested that he is in the northwest part of the UnUniverse
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