180px-Chicken Banana

A Banana Chicken

Banana Chickens (Gallus gallus parasidiaca) are rare magical creatures that are a banana and a chicken combined. It's believed Dr. Robotnik played a hand in their creation.

Some people try to hunt them because they thing they taste very good, but it is a crime because they are endangered. If someone is caught hunting them, they will be fined 1,000 Undollars.

Banana Chickens aren't normally evil, but they have been known to be before. The most notable evil thing they've done is when they attacked Bikini Bottom and kidnapped everyone but SpongeBob. Fortunately, SpongeBob saved everyone and made the Banana Chickens leave. 

Scientists are still studying how Banana Chickens came to existence. Some say that Dr. Robotnik created them, others say they are creatures from another dimension. But I say, HEYAH!


  • It is unknown is they are meat or fruit. Either way, they're delicious.
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