The Colors of the flag from top to bottom represents Jumbah, Zoombah, and Humbah respectively.

Baltic Union is a Freaky colorful country in Europe that is owned by Jumbah, Zoombah, and Humbah.


The Baltic Union was originally created when Holy Roman Empire (And when Tom was a fuhrer in the German State) started creating New Countries and afterwards found and was recognized by Germany one year later when Boohbahs had to move to a country. Jumbah's Great Great Grandfather was under control of Estonia, Zoombah's Grand Father was under control of Latvia and Humbah's Grand Mother was under control of Lithuania.

It was later annexed by Soviet Russia. It gained independence from Soviet Russia in 1991. It is now trying to work on being independent.

States and Cities


The Map of the Baltic Union's States Showing from North to South: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania


  • Riga: The main capital of the Baltic Union and Latvia
  • Zoombahland: Named after Zoombah
  • Tallinn: The Captial of Estonia
  • Vilnius: The Captial of Lithuania
  • Humbah-City: Named after Humbah
  • Bob Village
  • Tartu: The Land full of Cake, Tarts and Pie
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