Villag-I mean Balloon Boy is an animatronic at Freddy's, which may or may not kill you.


Villager was on the run from Mr. Resetti, which happens all the time. So, he killed Tom Nook and took his clothes. Perfectly normal in the Ununiverse. Then he called Freddy and asked if he wanted to get a job. He accepted, and... yeah. The above picture is what he became, but for some reason, FNAF 2 and FNAF 3 do not show him like this. Wierd.


Villager is now one of the animatronics. He hasn't eaten in 5 weeks, so he eats the nightguard's flashlight battery. Strange he hasn't eaten because HE'S IN A FREAKING PIZZERIA. Do not let him eat the battery, or Foxy will jump out of nowhere and end the life of the poor sap who needed the job. That poor sap is Jeremy Fitzgerald, and the guy who created the events in this game was Mike Schmidt. Mike Schmidt likes Foxy the most, so it is also plausible Balloon Boy mistook Jeremy for Mike and wanted Foxy to meet him. Again, he needs to eat the flashlight battery or Foxy cannot move.


- He is probably the most hated, most stupid, most idiotic animatronic, even if he isn't one.

- Balloon Boy should not be checked using cameras. In FNAF 2, put on the mask if you hear his laugh, and wait formit to vanish. In FNAF 3, change cameras if you see him immediately. In both appearances, he makes you more vulnerable to certain animatronics. For FNAF 2, its Foxy. In FNAF 3, its Springtrap.

- Do not attempt to shoot him. He is the Villager, so he will Pocket your pathetic bullet and throw it back at you for 1.4x the DIE.

- Balloon Boy has claimed lives before he was even an animatronic. Those lives include Mario, Expand Dong, PAC-MAN, Samus, and basically any shame character born before or during 1987.

- Balloon Boy is solar powered, so he needs to take your flashlights for a reason.

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