Bagel the Movie

Bagel Movie is a movie made by Luigi made to replace Bee Movie. Or, did he replace the bagel?

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Luigi eats a rotten Bagel and kills everyone.


The movie takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, currently at night. Luigi is seen walking on a road. His stomach grumbles, and he complains that he is hungry but he ran out of bagels. He walks to a crazy old hobo, and he gives him a bagel and jumps into the moon. Luigi eats it like it's candy and he looks like a crazy old hobo like the one he saw. He runs around and rips Toad's heads off and eats them and turns bigger, and then steps on everything, leaving a giant galosh of blood & eyes.

Luigi turns smaller and walks into Peach's castle. Mario & Peach are having LOTSA SPAGHETTI, and Lugii gets jealous so he kills Mario and sits in his seat and eats his LOTSA SPAGHETTI with Oeach. He finishes and grabs Princess Peach, and shoves her into a blender and enables it. Blood splatters onto Luigi's face as he laughs evilly. Toads worth tell his useless Toad Army to seize & kill Luigi, but Luigi eats the army and turns bigger. He steps on Toadsworth and makes him into a pile of blood AGAIN.

He walks to heaven and notices Chuck Norris AND HE KILLS HIM! He jumps onto God and kills him, but that wasn't a good idea. Now nothing exists. And they lived happily ever after.


Super Mario Vampires

The movie is about killing like Super Mario Vampires.

Bee Movie

This movie is a rip off of Bee Movie.


  • Chuck Norris dies.
  • God dies.
  • Peach isn't kidnapped.
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