It IS the bagel!

Cquote1 Or is it, the bagel? Cquote2

If you were looking for a Dog, here is it. Beagle.

Bagel is the name of a food that looks like donuts without any flavor. Bagel is the tasteless counterpart of donuts and was originated in 1683. The creator of bagels is unknown. Contrary to some beliefs, a bagel is not a donut. It's actually a type of bread, not a breed of a dog.

Bagels were soon the sons & daughters of Luigi. So, he made a movie where Luigi eats a rotten bagel and kills everyone, called Bagel Movie. It is almost as scary as Super Mario Vampires on PBS Kids.


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  • Put peanut butter or jelly at the top of a bagel.
  • We recommend you put crap on your bagel.
  • Make sure you chew it properly.
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