Bad Mr. Frosty
Bad Mr. Frosty

If you want your kid to get raped or murdered, let them play in the snow.

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Coal
Species: Claymade Snowman
Home: The North Pole
Death: N/A
AKA: Frosty
Likes: to kill Sumo Santa and take over the North Pole
Dislikes: Sumo Santa
Education: Probably really twisted
Occupation: Wrestler of the North Pole
Known For: Beating up evil and good, he just likes fighting and relaxing at his house

Bad Mr. Frosty started out not as a gay snowman, but as a mutated circus man who became Bad Mr. Frosty. Frosty also loves Hot Coco, but more than that, he hates the Claus family.

As a circus loser

Originally, he was known as Bob George; that is untill he was mutated into a clay person. He entered a tournament to rule the circus, but was defeated by Taffy and he got pissed. Luckly, the winner (Taffy's Win) shared a part of the circus with him so he can sell ice cones. In Tiny's win, he hade fun of Bad Mr. Frosty and they became friends.

Serving time in jail

Bad Mr. Frosty had to spend time in jail because he beaten up Santa Claus as well as raping children. He got out of jail early because a mystery person freed him (Tiny).

Bad Mr. Frosty realizing he got caught raping this innocent child.

 Tiny and Frosty then formed a gang so they could beat up people, and yes, they did.

Adult Life


Bad Mr. Frosty had a job at Blue Bell, and this was his poster. Sadly, he got fired for being to scary as well as beating up their cows.

Bad Mr. Frosty got a job, but got fired, so he decided to take revenge on Sumo Santa (Santa's forgoten cousin) and the two battle for the North Pole, Santa Claus sent his brother to hell, and Frosty a home. Currently, Bad Mr. Frosty is having a good life at the north pole.

I'm pretty sure he just killed your uncle.

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