Gender: Unknown
Hair color: None
Eye color: None
Species: Unicon's backbone
Home: Teletubby Land
Death: None
AKA: Comrade Spine
Likes: Being epic
Dislikes: Being vomited on by Thumper
Education: Air force training
Occupation: Ally of the Teletubbies
Known For: Being a flying magic backbone
UnRank: 133700

Backbone is a Unicorn's backbone, and ally of the Teletubbies. It can fly, use magic, and shoot energy blasts.

Backbone is actually alive, because being from a unicorn, it is magic. It came into Tubby Tower one day, and the Teletubbies put it to good use during their attacks on the UnUniverse. Little do they know it was vomited on by Thumper.

It is the (literal) backbone of the air force in the Teletubby Army, where it flies in the sky, shooting Energy Blasts at its foes.

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