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Baby Pom or just Pom (AKA Shit) is one of teh Fimbles. She lives in Fimble Valley.

She looks good.

Baby Pom

Pom was walking down the street one day when she saw Fimble Valley. She went into it and met Fimbo and Florrie. Here, She started a new life.When She saw Roly Mo and his books, she demanded roly to read them to her every day AND NIGHT!!. Roly got tired and angry because of this. When she turns around to walk away, Roly throws the book at her. She also hangs out with Florrie because Fimbo and Rockit are hanging out too with each other. They often talk about how much Florrie dosnt like Rockit bouncing. Florrie Got her a Trundle Truck for $100 and that led Roly mo up with a plan.......

Roly's Plan

One day, Pom was playing with her Trundle truck when she was called by Florrie. She went away to see what it was. Leaving her trundle truck. Roly found her truck and pushed it around.Then he pushed it away.Pom had finished with florrie. So, she went back to the Sad Hallow, Where she had parked it. When she realised it wasnt there,She went around looking for it.Then, out of nowhere, Roly appeared behind her with her trundle truck. Roly Ran over her with it. He successfully did it but she isnt dead.