Baaa is a mutated goat made by Carnivoreplant1 from mixing goats and Moke Cows DNA together.


Baaa's first form



Baaa's second form


Baaa's third form


Baaa's fourth and final form, which can create clones that only live a week

Carnivoreplant created it, hoping to find something to extinct the Moke Cows that had been poisoning the wiki with their Moke Milk. Baaa's abilities are much like a Moke Cows but are stronger because there is only one Baaa and about 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Moke Cows. It cannot die but is not part of the Undefeatables because it annoyed Chuck Norris. It is one of Carnivoreplant1's evil pets, along with Nagini and Mini Tiger Tail. Carnivoreplant1 taught it how to do ControlOptionCommand8 too. It can shapeshift like a moke cow and can fly. It can morth into 4 forms.

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