Baaa is an experiment in ovine geometry made by Carnivoreplant from mixing the DNA of a sheep and a herd of Moke Cows together. It is notable for causing the Alpacalypse in 1,234,321 AD, devastating Kitty City and necessitating its first tactical deployment of the [REDACTED ON ORDER OF B5 COMMAND]


Baaa's first form, the Rank-and-File. It's a sheep.



Baaa's sixth form, the Commando. It can lob its head at will, becoming a seventh form, the Grenadier, in the process


Baaa's eleventh form, the [REDACTED], capable of producing several other forms that live for only 2 hours


Baaa's eighth form, the Siege Engine, which can create clones that only live a week

Carnivoreplant created it, hoping to find something to extinct the Moke Cows that had been poisoning the wiki with their Moke Milk. Baaa's abilities are much like a Moke Cows but are stronger because, at the time, there was only one Baaa and about 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Moke Cows. It cannot die but is not part of the Undefeatables because 1. it annoyed Chuck Norris, and 2. can be defeated without killing it. It is one of Carnivoreplant's evil pets, along with Nagini and Mini Tiger Tail. Carnivoreplant taught it how to do Control + Option + Command + 8 too, but fortunately not all of its forms are capable of doing this. It can shapeshift like a moke cow and can fly. It can morph into at least eleven known forms.

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