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the failed attempt at the first BMW


now THATS an advanced car!! (from Europe)


Africa's BMW is......great

BMW is a type of car manufactoring company that is known for, well, making cars. Usually these cars are very good and never break down. Most need gas to run on or water and food. The BMW HQ is in Germany but has other locations such as Russia, Virginia, and Pac-Land. The company was started by Harold Slikk, the father of the Angry German Kid. These cars usually cost a lot of money and they vary in size and shape in different regions around the world.


  • In Europe: They have the best model in the world as seen by the picture on the right------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  • In Africa: The models are very old and breakd down nearly every ten seconds. Even the pictures have to been in black and white because its so old
  • In the Americas: The cars are just as good as Europe's but slightly worser
  • In Middle East: They don't even have materials to make cars so they just put a sticker on a donkey, hoping no one wil notice it
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    the latest model, the Jackdesert Tracker 4000 in the Middle East


    America's BMW does not come with doors and you have to buy it seperatly

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