BBC Attacks

Don't worry, it's just a kid's show.

BBC Attacks is the somethingth episode of the Teletubbies TV series. This episode is the episode where stuff happened, people did things, and the Teletubbies died. This episode featured the BBC because they are arrogant and wanted to appear in their own show.


The episode begins with Tinky Winky going to the carnival. Then Dipsy blows up the carnival. The two of them get into a slap-fight. Laa-Laa decides that looks like fun, and she joins the slap fight. Then Po walks in and demands that they pay attention to her. They ignore her, so Po talks to Jebus Khrist instead.

Po and Jebus agree that something destructive needs to happen, and it needs to happen now. Just then, the BBC walk up and asks them to join them in their quest to blow up Tokyo. They agrees because explosions, and they go with the BBC and begin blowing up Tokyo. Just then the other Teletubbies show up. Dipsy activates a new, bigger bomb and they all DIE.

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