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Awphysaur is Weegee's wife and a badass woman. She is the daughter of Grand Dad and Grand Mom. When she was a kid, she trained in martial arts. Shortly after she turned 18, she learned that the Bowser UnWorld Territories police department had a job vacancy. She teleported to the police station (we still don't know how she did this) and showed the chief a fake resume. Being a Goomba, he fell for it. She met Weegee (who was looking for Malleo, who had been kidnapped by Adolf Hitler's ghost for no reason) while she worked there. A few years later, she was fired from the police department for ripping a guy's head off after he did 90 km/h (note to UnAmericans: the Bowser UnWorld Territories, like every country in the UnWorld except for the USUA, uses the metric, or "correct", system of measurement) in a school zone. When she tried to take the police officer outfit off, she found that it had become stuck to her body. A few years later, she teleported to the United 'Gees Galaxy, where she eventually married Weegee. Her (test tube) children are (from oldest to youngest) Weenee, Deegee, Greegee, and Viacom.


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