Cquote1 They're not laughing AT me, they're laughing NEXT to me! Cquote2

Awesomegas himself, smiling his trademark smile.

Awesomegas is a Giygas clone from the Giygas Dimension. He is a renowned comedian, and was killed during the uprising of Eggman Nega.

Early Life

Awesomegas was born from a cesspool of nothingness in the seemingly happy, carefree Giygas Dimension. He lived a wonderful life, and found a good friend in another Giygas clone named Gaygas...until the two of them fell in love. Yes, they were attracted to one another and, sadly, were not allowed to enjoy a legal marriage due to the law system of the Giygas Dimension. This saddened both of them to an extreme degree, and the Giygas Dimension suddenly didn't seem like such a happy place anymore. Gaygas left to protest against this cruelty, and Awesomegas stayed behind.

Becoming a Comedian

Awesomgas later grew up to become a famous comedian simply because he was funny. He figured this out after he somehow slipped on a banana peel. This marked the first instance of slapstick humor in the Giygas Dimension, as Giygas clones normally float in the air and cannot slip on a banana peel. Thus, Awesomegas made a career out of his newfound talent, touring the globe and slipping on banana peels worldwide. Then, his career came to an abrupt end when he was sued by the Dancing Banana for violent abuse of his own species. Then, the Dancing Banana hired WaWaWario, another supporter of bananas, to hunt Awesomegas down. He failed miserably, accidentally jumping into another dimension instead. Thus, Awesomegas was safe...for now.


Unfortunately, Awesomegas' safety did not last long. It was around this time that Dr. Eggman Nega declared war on the entire dimension sending out his troops to annihilate all of humanity (and Giygas-anity. Giyganity? Whatever). The Dancing Banana himself was nearly killed by one of the sentient Bombs that Eggman Nega had created, but he managed to escape with his life. Awesomegas, however, was not so lucky. After slipping and sliding his way through many an obstacle, he was eventually cornered by Lucia, Eggman Nega's prime commando and robot wife. She blew his head off without a second thought...until she slipped on a banana peel herself.

Reaction to Lucia Slipping on a Banana Peel



Avenging His Death and Revival

After Sonic defeated Eggman Nega, Awsomegas' death was avenged by Toonygas and Ronald McGiygas, who waged war on Eggman Nega and his army. This started the War of the Negaverse.

Somehow, Awesomegas was revived by a combination of a falling Full Revive, a cheezburgr and a Gamma-Ray Burst. This also revived his buddy Gaygas.

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