Awesome Troll (1106 to 1410 AD) was a God like entity who wreaked havoc throughout the middle-ages of mankind. He started the supreme species known as trolls, who, to this day, still wreak havoc. Awesome Troll was considered on of the most powerful beings in existence, praised for his accomplishment by trolls and despised by others.


Nothing is known about Awesome Troll's past. What we do know is that he was the man that brought about the existence of trolls.

It is a theory that Awesome Troll was once one of the Four Great Masterminds, those who rivaled God in strength. After seemingly betraying God, he was cast from Heaven as an immortal human being who had to suffer endless pain on Earth in solitude. Sick of the suffering, he created an ancient storm, which threw open all graves within a 500 kilometre radius and the trolls awoke. They did as he commanded, and eventually formed an empire of trolls called Trolltopia. With ease the chaos spread, and half the world's population dropped by the end of 1106. Many have tried Awesome Troll's strength, but all have failed. However, Julius Caesar arose to the platform and dueled Awesome Troll. After weeks of continues fighting, Caesar dropped dead, but not before casting a curse upon Awesome Troll, who was forever locked in a box hidden in an unknown location in the world.


  • Some trolls are still trying to find the box he is trapped in, and unleash his unspeakable terror once again.
  • He has a shrine built in the ruins of Trolltopia City.
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