Awesome Dask

Awesome Dask. His existence proves that purple is the most awesome color.

Gender: Awesome
Home: Awesomeland
Death: Cannot die
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Nothing
Education: He was born knowing stuff
Occupation: Being awesome
Known For: Being a truly awesome salamander
Powers: Everything The Awesome One can do
UnRank: Infinity

Awesome Dask is one of the many Dask clones created by the Combinatron. He was created by fusing Dask as a base with one of many materials, in this case The Awesome One's DNA.

As his name suggests, Awesome Dask is a truly epic creature, inheriting all the powers of The Awesome One. He can easily do everything you wish you could do. Nobody knows much about him, besides that he's awesome. Awesome Dask also has an inability to die, instead turning into a somehow even more awesome ghost when he does so. Awesome Dask could possibly be the most powerful Dask clone.

After Creation

After he was born, Awesome Dask traveled the UnWorld and got all the bitches. He broke several world records just because he could, and also befriended The Awesome One. He has committed acts of good and evil, but when he is evil, there's really not much that can be done to stop him. Currently Awesome Dask has a private hotel in Awesomeland.

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