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Not to be confused with AUBREY from OMORI

Audrey is a girl in thneedville and Ted Wiggins's Girlfriend. That's all you need to know. bye know.

Hi audrey gorl.jpg
Gender: Female
Hair color: Sexy
Eye color: Beautiful
Age: It's rude to ask a woman her age! How dare u ask that!
UnBirthday: She's a woman. She won't reveal that
Species: Human
Home: Thneedville, China
Death: How could she die?
AKA: Overrated
Likes: Ted Wiggins (boyfriend)


Dislikes: Anything EVIL!
Education: Went to school
Known For: her beauty
UnRank: 1842

Ya wanna know more?

Ok fine. We'll tell you more! Happy? Ok lets go. Audrey is oddly attractive to the perverts men of Thneedville, which is odd because in reality she's like a 6/10. Many claim the following quotes:

" She's so hot that she can't get burned by the sun! "
" She's so hot that she can't get cold! "

She's also obsessed with trees! She loves trees so damn much that she planted a bunch of trees in her backyard! Her backyard is a forest! Oh, and like most girls, she loooooooooooooooooves chocolate!!! She also HATES Teletubbies! Why? BECAUSE THEY'RE EVIL!!!! AND SHE HATES EVIL! If she ever found out that Ted watches teletubbies, She'd FREAK OUT!

Hell, she hates teletubbies so much that she'll rage just by someone mentioning it! So DO NOT EVER MENTION TELETUBBIES IN FRONT OF HER EVER! OR YOU WILL REGRET IT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! good!


  • The creeps and weirdos hate every partner she has had.
  • Her favorite drink is a pina colada
  • She wants teletubbies BANNED!