Atari 1300 was the main shaming system of the Roman Empire, released in 27 BC. It is so old that even in the Medieval era, it was considered ancient. No one knows how or why it was made. Julius Caesar is rumored to have been the world champion at shaming at that time.

Mario's Fart was the last shame made for it, released 1599 years after Roman Invaders.


  • Come Poop in Space (known as The Smelly Shame) - 27 BC - Rated F for Fart
  • Pong (known as The Matches Shame) - 215 AD - Rated T for Tennis
  • Roman Invaders (known as The Rising Dead Shame) - 371 AD - Rated L for Lexan
  • Mario's Fart (known as The Glitch Shame) - 1970 - Rated G for Glitch
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