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The Association of Board Hosts are a government organization directly linked to the Marines. They operate the financial aspect of the World Government, and in addition, they also host the Mario Parties each year. Their base is located in a remote underground bunker. It is unknown where exactly the bunker is in the UnWorld, but it is commonly speculated that it is located in a woodland-ish, off limits (to anyone but the government) part of Portugal. It has been revealed that Bill Gates is a member of the group, and has finally escaped from floating in space. The true identity of Nico Robin is also revealed within the group.


Head Members

Rank 2 Members

  • Caesar Clown (Scientist)
  • Ronald McDonald (Second in command scientist)
  • Ken Hoek (Commander)
  • Hideaki Ryuumonbuchi (Rank unknown)
  • Mr. Krabs (Financial commander)
  • Mickey Mouse (Head of torture section)
  • Temis (Commodore)
  • Bill Gates (Financial enforcer)