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" I am Ass Pancakes. I'm gonna BONK! you. "
  —Ass Pancakes's most infamous quote whenever he's about to attack somebody.
Ass Pancakes
Ass Pancakes.jpg
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Illuminati-coloured
Species: Human with DNAs of Painis Cupcake and SoupCock Porkpie
Home: An exceptionally spacious BONK! can
Death: N/A
Likes: Bonking people to death, Making "dumb" looks on his face, Being a "clown".
Occupation: BONK!ologist, Undefeatable
Known For: Bonking people
UnRank: 386,329,303,920

Ass Pancakes was a Scout look-alike that had both of Painis Cupcake's and SoupCock Porkpie's DNAs applied to him. He is a berserker like them, and he slides up and across ceilings like Painis Cupcake, and lives in a BONK! can, like how SoupCock Porkpie lives in a bottle of beer.

Living up to his name disturbingly, he sometimes shoved his hammer up others' backsides, because they wanted waffles. He really likes pancakes, so much so that he challenged Goro Akechi to the pancake eating contest and lost 20 times in a row before making the pancakes rigging the taste of the pancakes to taste like ass pancakes, and still losing. Legend has it he's training to become the #1 pancake eater, as well as the #1 pancake shitter.

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Ass Pancakes bonks someone