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A German map of Asia

is the largest and most Asian continent in the UnWorld. It is the home of Asians and pandas (but mostly pandas). Asia is most well known for being fatter than the average continent. Despite numerous weight loss plans, Asia just can't lose any of its weight.

Asia was first formed with all the other continents when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Pangaea. Asia was created as the one with an eating disorder, overeating whenever possible. Asia eventually got so fat, it was bigger than Europe and Africa combined.

Countries In Asia


  • There are Asians in Asia.
  • There are also noodles and rice in Asia.
  • There's noodles and rice everywhere else too, but we like to think it's all in Asia.
  • Asia has lots of smart people in it.
  • Asia has lots of dumb people too.
  • Asia has Kim Jong-un in it, so we don't like it.
  • Asia has Nintendo in it, so we like it again.
  • Asia is awesome.
  • There is also Super Asia.
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