Cquote1 You Should be afraid of the great ASHLEY! Cquote2
She's Right, but Not at the Same time.
Cquote1 I'm the Coolest Girl You'll ever Meet! Or wait, was it Cruelest? Cquote2
Ashley while drunk on Potions
Ashley The First

She's looking to Cast a Spell on You!

Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Age: 9 (Physical)
478 (Actual)
Species: Witch, Child
Home: Diamond City
Likes: Brewing, Casting Spells
Dislikes: Everything Else, Wario
Education: Lifetime of Witchcraft
Occupation: Witchcraft, Game Dev
UnRank: 9002

Ashley I is a former Princess and Current Slave of WarioWare, Inc. She is the most Popular Slave there.


Young Life

Ashley was born by King Henry VIII in the UnUnited Kingdom. Nothing else happened for the next 9 years, except that Ashley was always interested in Witches and Diddly-Dookie. She then put herself in a Pot, filled it with water, and Grabbed a Lead Ball, and she floated. Ashley soon discovered she was a Bitch Witch!

After Discovering so, she used a Spell to turn Utensils into Other Utensils, made Potions, and even gave herself Immortality. With how Immortality works, her Age stuck at 9. One day, her Teacher was visiting her Castle, and eventually got into her room, where the Teacher made a shocking discovery; Ashley was a Witch-in-training! Now, Ashley tried her best to beg for mercy, but she Mistakenly killed her Teacher by turning her into a Spoon. Henry discovered this, and in order to not get Dunked on by Sans, she Blasted herself with her own Magic, Making her fall unconscious, but not Dead.

Fake Suicide and Journey to UnAmerica

So, of course, King Henry was Sad of this, so he Buried his Daughter under a Swing Set she Used. 352 and a Half Years Later, she woke up, trapped in a Coffin. She somehow broke out and sneaked her way To the Ocean, not before Meeting a 'Devil' named Red, of course. Red was more tame and carefree than Ashley, yet still bad inside. With the Help of Red, Ashley Went and Hid in the United States of UnAmerica.

The two bought Luigi's Mansion for 500 Pounds.

Slavery and Popularity

After some Years or something, Ashley met Wario, who wanted to have her "Join" a Job. She accepted, but was punished and tortured while doing so. She tried to save herself, but of course she failed. She tried to get some help from Kat and Ana, but no luck. She is now Trapped in WarioWare for entirety.

She was introduced for WarioWare in 2009, and composed a song about her. People loved her, but didn't know about her being trapped. She was the most Popular character, but also the most tortured. Why? Because Wario expects her to do Beyond and Shit.


  • She Turned 3,430,523,234 People into Spoons.
  • She does not like Visitors, SO BEWARE!
  • She is the Most Powerful of the WarioWare gang.
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