The Asgardian Empire an intercontinental nation created by Thor Odinson following the Unfinity War and the SJW Civil War. It's an authoritarian state with Thor's position as emperor written into the constitution. It is currently being ruled by Will Smith during Thor's absence.


The Asgardian Empire is divided into two political subunits for greater ease of rule.

Asgardian Scandinavia

  • Finland

    Regional flag of Asgardian Scandinavia

United States of Asgardia


Great Emu War

Hoping to finish the Asgardian Conquest of Scandinavia, Will Smith made moves to acquire Greenland from the Bowser Empire. Bowser refused to sell Greenland for any price, instead demanding the country of Australia in an exchange.

Too committed to back down, Smith manipulated the Emus into launching a revolution in Australia. This triggered a proxy war between the United States of UnAmerica who were backing the Australian Government and the Asgardian Empire who were backing the Emus. This was known as the Great Emu War.

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