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Not to be confused with Artificial Intelligence, something that has not been invented yet.

Artificial Idiocy (commonly abbreviated AI) is the programming often given to low-budget robots. It is used so they can think, regardless of how stupid their thinking is. Artificial idiocy is the most popular robot programming software as of yesterday morning.

Artificial idiocy was invented by Bill Gates and Microsoft several years ago. It was made when people started making robots, and needed a way to make them think. Fancy "intelligence generators" came out, but they were so expensive, Rich Guy only bought seven. Bill Gates came up with the idea for a really crappy version that could be sold for cheaper.

Artificial idiocy came out three hours later, and it was a big hit. Stupid robots flew around everywhere running into walls, self destructing, and attacking random pedestrians.

Artificial idiocy is banned in several countries due to its danger, but it is still allowed in most.