Cquote1 Come with me if you want to live. Cquote2
Arnold Schwarzenegger threatening some old lady.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (otherwise known as Arnold Schwarty, Arny Schwarty, or The Terminator) is a great warrior of ice and Coltan. Not only is he really cool and chill, but he is also a cold-hearted murderer. Not to mention he is the son of great Undefeatable god T-5000. Arny is not to be messed with under any circumstances. He'll ice you for sure.

Arny first started out as a baby inside his mommy's tummy. T-5000 was the father. When Arny was born, he got blessings from three of the five great Undefeatables. Though Chuck Norris decided this mortal was not worth his time, Arny still gained immense power. Arny used this power very wisely.

First, he made a name for himself as Conan, great Barbarian! Then he became the Terminator, destroyer of all. Then he became the Commando! At this point, T-2500.5 become worried about his position on the Lower Counsel of Undefeatables. Fearing Arny was planning on overthrowing him, T-2500.5 attempted to kill Arny. Though Arny survived, he was left crippled just northeast of Spitbucket, Texas. He was crushed by a meteor made of Kool-Aid, but since Kool-Aid is liquid, nothing happened. However, this mass of Kool-Aid was tainted with pure Awesomium, which made him an Undefeatable.

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